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Melissa Ritzenthaler

Wine Refrigerator - 20 Years Service Award

Wine Refrigerator - 20 Years Service Award
Description & Specs



⦁ Stores 8 wine bottles – climate controlled storage help preserve the ideal taste 
  and aroma of your favorite wine
⦁ Thermoelectric cooling - dependable, silent and vibration-free cooling technology
⦁ Three full width wire wine racks – racks can be removed if needed to let you customize the 
  storage space and fit larger bottles
⦁ Digital temperature controls – set the temperature to create the ideal climate for your red, 
  white or sparkling wines
⦁ Double-paned insulated glass door – sleek modern, mirror glass door fits any décor style
⦁ Item Weight: 20 pounds
⦁ Product Dimensions: 21.5 x 12 x 19 inches
⦁ Wine bottles not included